1. Dawid

    Hey, I have figured out that usb works on linux, but you have to supply power externally since the switch does not supply power. I suspect it is the fault of the BQ24193, but I am unsure how to debug it. I don’t have a 1.8v usb – serial adapter so I can’t use nx-memxplorer.

        • perillamint

          I looked Device tree and I found it has missing 5V Vbus output regulator.

          I think this may require more reverse engineering effort.

          • Dawid

            What would happen if I just tried copying that from the jetson tk1 device tree? (I have no idea what I’m doing)

          • perillamint

            Maybe it does not help or may damage your Switch.

            BTW, if you mind, would you mention me on Discord RetroNX server https://discord.gg/Vv6tKt7 or PM me using @perillamint#2189 handle? It would make better conversation

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