DISCLAIMER: I’m not responsible any damage to your Switch or Joycon. You are your own.

Hello, today, I’ll explain how to modify your Joycon(Joyconhax) to enter Tegra RCM mode on your Switch.

First, you need this tools and components:

  • Driver bit kit with Y00 bit and P00 bit
  • Today’s victimRight side of Joycon
  • 10kΩ resistor
  • Tweezer
  • 30AWG Teflon wire
  • Soldering alloy
  • Soldering iron (use good one, don’t use cheap soldering iron)
  • Nipper

At first, you have to open your Joycon by removing four Y00 screws on its back

Now, you’ll see internal of Joycon.

Remove battery using your tweezer. Just lift battery connector to disconnect it from the motherboard. Also, remove Joycon rail from Joycon backcover by removing one P00 screw.

Remove protective sponge on Joycon rail contacts solder points.

Now, heat up your iron. I’d recommend setting it about 300°C.

Prepare two Teflon wires with enough length with one end stripped (will be snipped later)

Solder it to each leg of 10kΩ resistor.

Snip resistor legs.

Try to fit it in empty space inside of Joycon (just above HD rumble vibrator).

Cut the excessive Teflon wire and strip its end. (you have to solder it to Joycon rail contacts)

Solder it to pin #1 and pin #10 of Joycon rail contacts. (Please refer ReSwitched Wiki entry for detailed pin assignment information)

Put protective sponge over solder joints.

Put it back together. Just push resistor while closing back cover to fit it in Joycon.

That’s it, You can now test it by putting Joycon to your switch and pressing VolUp button while cold booting. It will fall your Switch into RCM mode and you can use Fusée Gelée exploit with example payload to test your Switch is exploitable.

Happy hacking!


If you are really confident in soldering, you may solder 0805 SMD resistor instead of THT resistor with Teflon wire.

Stuckpixel's 10k 0805 hack
Stuckpixel’s 10k 0805 hack
(c) Stuckpixel@ReSwitched Discord